Over the years we have had some amazing feedback from our clients, please see a few of our testimonials below

“I have smoked since I was 14, I am now 42. I did enjoy smoking but decided for my own health and family I needed to quit! All it took was 1 phone call and I am now a proud non-smoker.”

“I have been set free thanks to you. For 14 years I smoked pot every single day of my life, all day, every minute just about. I had tried psychologists, psychiatrist, medication, exercise, everything and I felt like I couldn’t feel good normally. It wasn’t until I saw you that you took me back to why I started, the underlying issues that were really bothering me and unlocked it in my subconscious to stop this deeply engrained habit that took all of my money and health. Since then I slowed right down and after a few weeks have completely stopped and I don’t know even know myself anymore, I am a brand new being.
I have saved for a house in that time- was spending over $300 a week on that crap before- could have already owned a house by now for the amount I had wasted on it, I ruined relationships and was losing hope that I would ever get past this. While this is not physically addictive, it is actually a bad habit and any habit- whether compulsive spending, eating, smoking, drinking, gambling- can ruin your life when its out of control. Thanks to Dave and Sharon I have completely stopped all of the above and stopped trying to fill this void I used to feel and fill with anything I could not to feel empty anymore. Obviously it is not a miracle cure, it takes time and willingness to change, but with their help I have had the strength to see the light..
Thank you for changing my life… Ill be back again for sure.

In 2015 I had been experiencing several episodes of sleep walking over several weeks or possibly months. I did a number of things including getting up and going to the kitchen, opening the fridge. I walked outside to the swimming pool (fortunately not getting in it). I wrote the time on a piece of paper in the kitchen one night.
Apparently my son tells me “yes Mum you used to do it a lot”. All the time knowing what I had done but not recalling why I was getting out of bed to do these things. But the absolutely worst event was when I actually drove my car whilst asleep !  I woke up in the car still driving.  I can’t remember whether I was dressed or in my pyjamas.  I was just around the corner from my house in the suburbs, I recall thinking what am I doing here and knew how to get home. I don’t remember the trip home at all.
The next morning I knew what I had done because my car was all squiffy in the garage and the garage door was not down. Something had to be done about this I was terrified it would happen again. I visited Dave – just one visit – he put me under hypnosis. I am very pleased and relieved to say that I have not had a single episode of sleep walking since in 2 years. Hypnosis really worked!  So very happy with this result. I later learned that many people “sleep drive” even quite long distances.  But thanks to Dave this will not be me.

My fear of flying stems back a long way. I’ve had hypnosis for it before but nothing really worked. Dave’s technique was fantastic it was the first flight that I have had in years where I was relaxed. I even managed to watch a movie all the way through.
Hypnosis for flying is the best decision I made, Thanks to Dave.

All I can say is “Wow, Wow, Wow.”
I saw Dave and Sharon in June for the Hypno Band procedure and I havent looked back. I have lost around 20 kilos in 2 months and it has been the easiest weight loss journey of my life. I look great and feel even better. If you are struggling with your weight loss efforts then I believe the Hypno Band system is the assistance you need and Creatively Divine Hypnotherapy is the ONLY place to go!

I would like to thank you very much for guiding me in the right direction with stopping smoking and controlling my drinking. A life changing experience with your help.

I have had a Gambling Addiction for 10 years, I have been to counseling, Psychologist, I had just about given up when my Parents come across Hypnotherapy and asked around to find that Dave Allan was the best to see.
I went to Dave Allan with some apprehension having seen everyone and done everything, I was at a time in my life there was no hope. I signed up for 5 session package this was my last hope. Dave has a very professional manner as though he knew how I felt with my addiction and I felt he had actually been there and was ready to support me but not feel sorry for me and that was exactly what I needed. My first session was a great success wow I was so surprised. I was Hypnotised!. the ongoing sessions were very much needed as it reinforced my new better and positive habit, I was finally free of gambling.
Dave uses his very powerful hypnotic skills to empower people to achieve great things as I did. I can not thank  Dave enough, the cost is not enough to have my life and family back.  Thank you, Dave, you are a legend. Jason

‘I would like to personally thank Dave for all his help with my success. I never really gave hypnotherapy any consideration when I was younger, until I noticed a lot of colleagues of mine suddenly quitting smoking, I asked questions and Dave’s number was passed on to me.
On that morning of my appointment, like any smoker I was hitting them hard as I knew it was possibly my last one. I went to Dave with an open mind and left an non smoker, just like that I believed, very simple, quick and cost effective way to quit smoking, six months now a non smoker and I can’t thank Dave enough and would and have recommended his clinic to many of my friends and colleagues.’

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