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Hypnotherapy cost in Perth – Joondalup and Fremantle.

Price List: Check out these great Hypnotherapy Programs – costs and options – designed to save you money and assist you to make a commitment to your progress!

95% Success Rate using the “Specialised Quit Smoking Program”

“Red” Quit Smoking Program 95% Success Rate

for the initial session plus 1 FREE ! session within 1 month (ONLY if required)


(Book and pay for 2 people friend or partner for the "RED" Quit Smoking Package and you will each receive $20 discount)

CLICK HERE for package options to save $$$$. The $220 Investment for a general Hypnotherapy Session is an investment of course, not a cost!

Other Specialised Hypnotherapy Sessions Prices:

$495“Specialised Quit Smoking Marijuana Program” – 95% success Rate ( 1 FREE ! Session in 1 Month if Required)

Your investment will pay for itself in no time at all and naturally you will agree, that you can not put a value on your health and well-being!

And your $220  investment is just that – an investment in you and your quality of life!

Please note, if you require hypnotherapy to assist with drug use/abuse/addiction, you will be required to take one of our packages – Click Here for package options. The reason for this is so that you can make a commitment to your process of change and to keep yourself accountable.

(price does not apply to – Specialist Weight Management Program, Coaching Sessions or packages, please see bottom of page for details on pricing for these therapies)

I also packages for all other Hypnotherapy Services – see package options page or click here. (not valid for specialised Hypnotherapy)

If you have any further queries on pricing, please call Dave on 0424 900 427 to discuss your hypnosis requirements.

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