Gambling Hypnotherapy

Have You Tried Gambling Hypnotherapy To Help With Your Problem?

The definition of the word ‘gamble’ is “take risky action in the hope of a desired result”.

Gambling addictions or issues with gambling, are a result of cravings created by a person’s thoughts and the person is dominated by a persistent, strong, almost overwhelming urge to gamble.

This dominating desire is often coupled with a belief that continued gambling will solve financial problems. Unfortunately, the odds are always stacked against the gambler and for every win there will be many losses.

Gambling is based on expectation, hope, wishful thinking, but above all, it relies on a lot of luck.

Unfortunately for those who let their gambling habits become addictive, they only remember the wins, the euphoria, and just like a drug addict, they will do anything to get that feeling back, at any cost.

The more they lose by gambling, the more panicky they become and the more desperate they are to try and recoup their losses. They become obsessed, they become more desperate and all common sense disappears as their stakes become higher and that need to win becomes overwhelming.

Chasing losses creates more stress and and more stress leads to more of a craving to gamble as a form of stress relief. It is a never ending cycle of doom and gloom.  Perth clinical hypnotherapists at New Dimension Vitality – Hypnotherapy 000 can assist you on your journey to break this cycle of gambling addiction with their highly successful gambling hypnotherapy.

Sometimes a person who is a gambling addict may also know at a conscious level they can’t win on a consistent basis, that it’s impossible and that the odds are always against them.  However, the conscious thoughts coupled with the subconscious or unconscious desire creates a “battle” or conflict between the conscious and unconscious mind.  This “battle” is usually accompanied by a myriad of negative emotions and feelings such as guilt, low self esteem, low self worth, anxiety etc

For the bookies, loan sharks or owners of the poker machines, it is a licence to print money at the gambler’s expense and the expense of their family (many of whom may be unaware of the “habit”).

Gambling excessively causes havoc to a person’s life socially, emotionally and financially. It may lead to the loss of relationships, home, health and career and may cause depression and overwhelming stress in a person’s life. The problem with gambling can be resolved by resolving the stress creating the want or need to gamble. Gambling hypnotherapy is a powerful, empowering tool to assist with resolving the stress that is contributing to issues with gambling, disconnecting triggers associated with gambling and helping to “install” new or alternative behaviour programs.

The majority of us like to enjoy a little gamble sometimes in our lives. Whether it is once a year when you put a dollar or two on a horse you like the name of in the Melbourne Cup, or buy a weekly lottery ticket or maybe buy a raffle ticket at a fundraising night or perhaps play a game of bingo at the seaside. We all enjoy that moment of anticipation and excitement as the horses’ race to the finishing line or when the lotto numbers are called out or clutch your raffle tickets as they call out the names of the winners.

However, it becomes an addiction when it is no longer enjoyable yet you feel compelled to continue in pursuit of winning regardless of the odds. It becomes a problem when you gamble more than you can afford and it affects your ability to function without that constant craving for the next gambling ‘fix’.

It is important to remember that ANYONE can become a problem gambler, and problems can develop quite quickly. This is not a problem that discriminates based on age, income, education, or ethnic background.  If you are serious and committed to helping yourself,then Dave Allan & Sharon Sims at New Dimension Vitality – Hypnotherapy 000 can assist you to overcome your gambling addiction with simple and effective gambling hypnotherapy.

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