Physical Health

Here at New Dimension Vitality – Creatively Divine Hypnotherapy, we are Perth’s premier Vitality Success Consultants and can offer our Hypnotherapy service for many physical health issues.

We can assist you with such things as cancer and cancer pain management, eating disorders, immune system enhancement, migraines, IBS, pain, pain & illness management, restless legs, weight loss, weight management, and many, many more.

Please call us now on 0424 900 427 to discuss if hypnosis is suitable for your needs.

Hypnosis, or hypnotherapy, is in no way a panacea (cure or remedy) for any medical or physical condition nor is it intended to take the place of your doctor or specialist or your current medical or other treatments.  However, hypnosis can be used as an allied therapy to assist you on many levels

We have 2 convenient locations in Perth – the Joondalup Area Consulting room is in Ocean Reef and our Fremantle Clinic is in Woodson’s Arcade in Fremantle.

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