Drug Addiction

Hypnotherapy for Drug Abuse or Drug Addiction, Perth

Here at New Dimension Vitality – Hypnotherapy 000, we can assist you with your issues of Drug Abuse and/or Drug Addiction. Hypnosis for drug addiction is quickly becoming a respected technique used by hypnotherapists to help clients recover from addictive behaviours and improve their lives. Hypnotherapy is safe, reliable and quick. It eliminates the cravings, helps the addict through the physical and emotional discomfort of withdrawal while helping them discover and deal with the feelings they are avoiding. It is the missing piece of the puzzle.

Do you wake up in the middle of the night feeling sick, anxious, “craving”, sweating and having to drink or use drugs just to “get through” until morning?

Do you constantly scheme and juggle to ensure you have enough money and time to spend each day “on the hunt” for today’s pills, just to start it all over again the next day?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be suffering from an addiction.

It doesn’t have to continue this way.

Are you ready to kick the habit?  Do you want to stop taking drugs? Do you need help with hypnosis to address your drug use, drug addiction or drug abuse? Have you tried and failed before, maybe even multiple times?

We will make sure this is your LAST attempt, with our specialised hypnotherapy session, specifically tailored to help you EASILY and PERMANENTLY break the habit and stop taking drugs FOREVER.  We will make sure this is the LAST dollar you will spend on your addiction.

Keep reading to get help, stop your drug abuse and manage your drug addiction in the Joondalup and Fremantle areas using hypnotherapy.

Addiction is a physical and/or emotional dependence upon a chemical substance. An addict believes he or she cannot physically and/or mentally function — that life would be unendurable — without that particular substance and withdrawal symptoms occur when the drug/substance is not being taken or its use is discontinued.  Abuse is more overuse or misuse of a drug for purposes other than what it was intended (such as prescription drugs) and the user continues to use drugs even though they know it is having an adverse effect on their health and well being. Drug abusers will continue to use even though their social life is falling apart and their financial stability is collapsing.

Any addictive or habitual problem or pattern of abuse can be treated effectively, easily and permanently with hypnosis —even a chemical dependence. Dave Allan from Creatively Divine Hypnotherapy has had many years of experience effectively assisting people all over Perth, especially in the Joondalup and Fremantle areas, to successfully and permanently take control and change their lives with hypnotherapy for drug abuse and drug addiction.

While physical addiction is a contributing factor in addiction, it is only part of the problem. If it was the only cause of the addiction a gradual reduction of the dosage would be enough to end the addiction. In addition to the physical addiction, the underlying emotional reasons for an addiction must be addressed. The physical withdrawal is gone after a few miserable days. The habit is gone in about twenty-eight days. However, the emotional (and spiritual) aspects are the most important, longest lasting, and often the most under-treated. Hypnotherapy for durg abuse and drug addiction provides the individualised and specific reprogramming that each person needs to be drug free, based on that person’s underlying needs.  However, unlike some psychological and counselling treatments, hypnotherapy does not ask you to remember or re – live past traumas in order to move you through your addiction or abuse issues.

Please note, if you require hypnotherapy to assist with drug use/abuse/addiction, you will be required to take one of our packages – Click Here for package options. The reason for this is so that you can make a commitment to your process of change and to keep yourself accountable.

Don’t gamble on the rest of your life. Take control and fill out our contact form or call Dave on 0424 900 427 to discuss how hypnosis can free you from the shackles of addiction.

Drug Addiction Joondalup

Drug Addiction Joondalup
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