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Let’s talk addictions for a moment.

Do you, or a friend or loved one, live in the Fremantle or Joondalup area and need assitance to manage an addiction?  Have you, or they, tried everything to stop the addiction with little or no success? Then look no further than New Dimension Vitality/Hypnotherapy 000. Dave and Sharon are your Hypnotherapy 000 and WILL assist you with your addiction, regardless of what form the addiction takes, regardless of where you live in Perth, they will assist you with a very effective hypnosis therapy.

So……What Is Addiction?

The medical and psychological sector has loosely defined an addiction as a condition that results when a person ingests, absorbs or consumes a substance (alcohol, cocaine, amphetamines, paint etc) through various methods such as orally as in eating or drinking, inhaling, injecting, smoking, absorbing through the skin or snorting, or engages in an activity (gambling, sex, shopping etc) that can be pleasurable but the continued use of which becomes compulsive and interferes with ordinary life responsibilities, such as work, relationships, finances and even health. Users or addicts  may not even be aware that their behaviour is out of control or out of balance and causing problems for themselves and others.

There are two main “types” of addiction such as physical addiction and emotional or psychological addiction and often they go hand in hand.  Regardless of which type of addiction you are enslaved to or trapped in, Creatively Divine Hypnotherapy Perth can and will assist you to manage your addiction in order for you to once again take control of your life.

Physical addiction can be understood as biological state in which the body adapts to the presence or continued “use” of a drug or substance so that drug/substance/chemical no longer has the same effect and this is known as tolerance. Tolerance essentially means that the user must use ever increasing amounts of the substance to obtain an effect and because of this tolerance, there is a biological reaction, often severe and unbearable, when the drug/substance/chemical is withdrawn. Another form of physical addiction is the experience of over-reaction by the brain to drugs/substances or to cues associated with the substances. An example of this would be an alcoholic walking into a bar or a party, or past a bottle shop for instance, will feel an extra, unavoidable pull to have a drink because of these cues.

However, most addictive behavior is not solely related to either physical tolerance or exposure to cues. People compulsively use drugs, or gamble or shop, often but not always, in reaction to being emotionally stressed, whether or not they have a physical addiction. Since these psychologically/emotionaly based addictions are not entirely based on drug or brain effects, they may explain why people can frequently switch addictive actions from one drug to a completely different kind of drug, or even to a non-drug behavior. The focus of the addiction isn’t what matters for them but rather it’s the need to take action under certain kinds of stress, to find a release or an outlet for the build up of stress or emotions.

Despite which kind of addiction is identified or suggested, it is important to understand that its cause is not strictly related to a search for pleasure, and addiction has nothing to do with a person’s morality, strength of character or will and nor does social standing or upbringing necessarily preclude a person from addictions.  A simple, effective, long term solution to taking control of addictions is hypnotherapy.  Creatively Divine Hypnotherapy have two offices located for convenience in Joondalup and Fremantle to assist people of Perth who wish to manage their addictions.

The 10 Most Common Addictions

Alcohol is readily available to adults, although not exclusively, and is a legal substance in most countries around the world.  Alcohol is also a widely , socially acceptable “drug”.

Long term or excessive use can lead to a problem with addiction and not to mention the relationship and health issues. Use of alcohol in relatively small amounts can impair an individual’s physical ability and cognition, and is a major factor in crimes involving violence, including spousal and child abuse.

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Technically, a smoker is not addicted to cigarettes or nicotine but rather the hand to mouth habit. However the non questioned acceptance and social belief of its addiction is the main reason why smoking is such a difficult habit to give up.

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Drug addiction includes both illegal substances, legal drugs and everyday substances. The problem is the same, whether your “drug of choice” is readily available by prescription or not or even available at the local supermarket or hardware store.

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Many people today enjoy participating in a game of chance such as lotto, horse racing, poker machines or casino games in hope of winning some money or another prize.

However, when it becomes a compulsive activity that an individual is unable to stop, despite the fact that continuing to gamble is creating problems, that is a sure sign that the person has become addicted to gambling.

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Food is something that as human beings we all need to survive, it is predominantly fuel for our body and eating can and should be an enjoyable experience.

A food addict however is unable to control their eating during certain times and uses food as a way to deal with feelings and emotions that they are unable to identify, express or cope with.

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A video or electronic game addict plays video or electronic games to such an extent that this activity intrudes on and in some cases completely consumes their life.

The most addictive video or electronic games are the ones where players assume the identity of a character in the game and are able to interact with other players. Video and electronic games stimulate the production of dopamine in the players’ brains.

Dopamine is a naturally occurring “feel good” chemical or neurotransmitter that helps control the brain’s reward and pleasure centers.

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The Internet can be a wonderful resource, a way of interacting with others and a tool to expedite and simplify everyday life such as banking and shopping etc. Internet use turns into internet addiction when an individual wants to be online all the time.

They will feel anxious or upset when they are not able to be online and this may be a sign that they have developed an internet addiction.

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Having an addiction to sex has nothing to do with a person’s sex drive or lack thereof. While it’s normal to have a healthy interest in sexual activity, a person with an addiction to sex is highly likely to engage in risky sexual behavior to feed their compulsion and similar to drug addicts, over time they “need” more and more to feel satisfied or get the same effect.

They may be visiting prostitutes, having affairs, picking up strangers to have sex with, exposing themselves or looking in windows  to satisfy their urges.

Sometimes a sex addiction can also manifest as, or include, an addiction to pornography.

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Generally speaking, many people, especially women, enjoy shopping. However, for some people, compulsive shopping is a very real problem. They use this activity as a way to deal with stress, anxiety, emotional and other problems in their lives.

This excessive shopping may lead to financial problems, as well as relationship issues with the compulsive shopper’s spouse, partner or family.

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Work is usually considered a good thing and hard work and dedication to the job is generally something that people admire and respect. Hard work is something many parents teach their children about and instill is as the key to achieving or getting what they want out of life.

However when work becomes an obsession, the solitary focus or the single most important thing in a person’s life it is a problem.

If someone you know comes to the point where they don’t take holidays unless forced to do so or can’t stop working or thinking about work when the are supposed to be off the job, it may be a sign that their dedication has turned into an addiction.

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