Hello and Welcome!

Welcome to New Dimension Vitality: Hypnotherapy 000. We have 2 convenient locations for you in both the northern and southern suburbs of Perth – namely Ocean Reef and Fremantle. Your committed Hypnotherapists are Dave Allan and Sharon Sims.

We enjoy helping people improve their lives and be happier and healthier for it.

On a personal level both Dave and Sharon have a love of music, motorbikes, travel and self-awareness. They both have a deep and solid interest in Self Development, Personal Growth, Spirituality, Natural Therapies and Natural Medicine.

Dave Allan

Dave’s passion for Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis include Street and Stage Hypnosis. He has completed the “Certified Stage Hypnosis” Training through the American Alliance of Hypnotists.

We are part of a network of leading specialist hypnotherapists using the most effective processes available today to assist people to take control and make positive, lasting changes in their lives. Hypnotherapy is a safe, proven, and effective tool for directly accessing the power of the subconscious mind. This is a proven method of therapy that has worked for thousands of clients.

We have experience with a wide range of systems and am absolutely committed to working together with you, via the pleasant and naturally occurring phenomena we have labelled “trance” (the same state that everyone naturally experiences while awakening from a good night’s sleep, zoning out in front of the television or driving somewhere and not quite remembering how you got there) to bring about the positive changes that you have identified as desirable, and to achieve lasting improvement in the quality of your life.

Hypnotherapy is fast becoming more and more popular as its effectiveness is being recognised and recommended by the medical sector.  It is a natural therapy which means for you there are no pills, potions, chemicals or drugs and the process is relatively quick and even inexpensive when compared to some other modalities or treatments!

Dave Allan and Sharon Sims are the Hypnosis Specialists who are passionate about assisting you to make the changes you desire!

Dave Allan HypnotherapistOur Systems Make Taking Control and Changing Your Life Easy!

Dave and Sharon are fully qualified, highly trained, Clinical Hypnotherapist as well as Quit Cigarettes Hypnosis Specialists, Ideal Weight Hypnosis Specialists and Licensed HypnoBand Practitioners.

Click this link to view my qualifications.

What makes Hypnotherapy 000 different and successful in assisting you?

  • Commitment to you, your success and the “systems” or “programs”.
  • Dedication and diligence to ensure you achieve the result you desire.
  • Understanding – your reasons, triggers & issues are unique to you and as such your session should be unique to you also.

New Dimension Vitality: Hypnotherapy 000 are totally committed to ongoing quality improvement of  business at every level of service, from your first contact, right through to your achievement of your goal.

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