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If you  have any questions please let us know, you can email our friendly team today at info@newdimensionwellness.com.au and we will be happy to assist you. You can visit our dedicated ….Reach Your Ideal Weight website by clicking here.

Nothing To Lose Except Unwanted Weight – you can easily reach your ideal weight.

How does this system work? A major reason is because of advanced hypnosis. The old myths and misconceptions about hypnosis have given way to proven scientifically sound applications.  Today, hypnosis is widely used in medicine, professional sports and education. Our advanced hypnosis system will give you the power to direct your mind with laser-focus to “Reach Your Ideal Weight”.

The program is also tailored to your specific needs and circumstances. Finally, the breakthrough technologies incorporated in the “Ideal-Weight-O-Stat” and the “Fat-Furnace-Flame”, together with our simply unique proprietary 7 step plan makes this program unlike anything you have ever seen before. It is so quick and easy to change the habits of a lifetime with hypnosis so you can “Reach Your Ideal Weight”.

Our specialist hypnotherapy program will help you to reach your ideal weight without focusing on weight loss or losing weight as such, rather it is about setting your “Ideal-Weight-O-Stat” to reach and maintain your ideal weight.

Will this system work for me? Everyone with an average IQ can be successful in using this system.  And because the session is custom tailored to your individual needs, it will work for almost everyone.

How will I know if the system works? It’s easy…you simply step on the scales! At your initial consultation you will discover your personal “Ideal-Weight-O-Stat” and “Fat Furnace Flame” along with getting a tailored-made program that shows you the steps so you can learn and understand how to “Reach Your Ideal Weight”.  At the end of 1 week and then 1 month, you can see for yourself that you are at your chosen ideal weight for the given guide posts – your Reach Your Ideal Weight journey may take up to 12 months which is why this is a 12 month program and why we set set guide posts for 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 12 months.

Is this system safe? Completely.  This system is based on advanced hypnosis and the latest NLP techniques combined with a 7 step program.  These are completely safe.  With hypnosis and NLP you are aware and in control at all times.  With the various elements of our unique 7 step plan, there are no “fads” or crazy regimes. Any average person will have no difficulty following any part of the program.

How does this system help me “Reach My Ideal Weight”? Because your reasons for not being at your ideal weight are different from anyone else’s, the steps you need to take and the changes you need to make are unique to you and so we tailor the initial consultation and the 12 month program to meet your specific needs, so that you can “Reach Your Ideal Weight”.

How long does it take? This is a 12 month program. However it usually takes just one hypnotherapy session and a further coaching session to learn the basics of our program and we offer you 12 months of support to assist you to integrate all this information. We usually base your overall weight loss goal over a 12 month period.

This is a 12 month program, during which time our clients put into practice what they “learn” about how to reach their ideal weight during their initial session with us, and learning how to succeed long term in their goal of reaching and maintaining their Ideal Weight! Clients are provided with tools, resources and a *guarantee, coupled with their initial session in order to assist them to reach their ideal weight.

*Guarantee – We cannot and do not guarantee you will absolutely reach your ideal weight – only you can do that! We do guarantee free/no charge follow up sessions (hypnosis and/or coaching)  if required. However, failure to setup your online accountability within 3 days of your initial session, and failure to login to your accountability site/account for a period of 10 days will void any guarantee of follow up sessions at no charge.


So, if you are ready to be accountable, if you didn’t have to give up any particular thing or do specific things, could you do it? Could you reach your ideal weight? Absolutely! Call Sharon now on 0404927350 or email info@newdimensionwellness.com.au to find out more.

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