Stop Smoking

Considering Hypnotherapy for Quitting Cigarette Smoking, Perth?

Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking Joondalup and Fremantle.

Most smokers have at one time or another tried everything in order to quit smoking – gums, patches, medication, cold turkey, acupuncture and CBT, to name just a few, with little success and thus give up trying all together.

However, effective, reliable treatment is available. In recent years, a considerable amount of scientific evidence has been accumulating that conclusively demonstrates the effectiveness of hypnotherapy techniques in smoking cessation. New Dimension Vitality/Creatively Divine Hypnotherapy – Incorporating Hypnosis To Quit Cigarettes Perth – have simply, quickly and permanently been assiting people for a number of years to stop smoking in Joondalup, Fremantle and surrounding areas of Perth. You WILL stop smoking when you attend your appointment with us,(if YOU want to quit and take on board our suggestions) even if you have previously tried hypnosis to quit cigarettes and been unsuccessful.

Hypnosis works well as a treatment to assist you to Quit Smoking because it taps into the subconscious mind. This therapy gets directly to the source of the problem in order to correct it.

With any hypnotherapy, 3-5 sessions are usually required to make long term, lasting change. Most smokers will usually require approximately 3 sessions to become non-smokers.  However, as everyone is unique we cannot say exactly how many sessions you will require – anywhere between 1 and 5 is possible, however as mentioned 3 sessions is the average requirement. However some do Quit Smoking with 1 session.

Beware of Hypnotherapists who Offer any form of Guarantee as no Hypnotherapists can Guarantee any outcome !

Beware of Offers with free backups sessions as this only causes a secondary gain to re-start smoking again! The higher price they charge you is for their monetary gain only ! Remember we are Specialists in this Field if you have a strong desire to want to Quit you can very easily QUIT SMOKING with one session at a cheaper price !

We only offer Genuine Professional Service to our clients that will have them be a Non-Smoker for their lifetime

We are Specialists in the field of helping people Quit Smoking in Perth and our Hypnotherapists are highly trained to assist you in your success to quit Smoking very quickly and easily.

Call us today on 0424 900 427  to quit smoking simply!