Group Hypnosis To Quit Smoking

Group Hypnosis Quit Smoking Program in Joondalup.

Stop Smoking Group Hypnosis Sessions!

Commencing in Joondalup in April 2014 – Wednesday 02/04/2014.

Group quit smoking hypnosis program – 1st Wednesday of every month at 7.00pm. Increasing in frequency to fortnightly dependant upon demand….

Initial attendance $150 per person paid in advance, subsequent attendance $100 per person.

Current 2014 Stop Smoking Group Hypnosis Dates:

2nd April

30th April

28th May

25th June

23rd July

20th August

17th September

15th October

12th November

10th December

7th Jan 2015

 More Quit Smoking Group Hypnosis Program Information:

The session runs for approximately 1  hour. You may choose to sit on a chair or lay comfortably on a mat on the floor in an air-conditioned/heated room.

This is not for entertainment purposes. It is serious and effective work designed to help you take control of your habit and quit smoking for good.

It’s often easier for some people to do things in a group, it’s just part of how some of us are wired!

Are you ready to stop smoking? The fact that you are reading this tells us that you probably are, or know someone who is! Need more reasons to try group hypnosis to quit smoking for good?

How about this then?

No more… Being a slave to tobacco and having this habit control you and your life Risking premature death from cancer not to mention all the other health related issue that being a smoker may bring Paying through the nose for cigarettes, and the price keeps on increasing Smelling bad to those around you or looking older than your years Being looked down upon by the majority of people in our largely non-smoking society

Instead, imagine….. Having all that money to spend on other things Being able to live longer, healthier, happier Being free, in charge of your own life

And so many other possible benefits to you. And the best part of it is, it’s practically FREE when you consider what you WON’T spend on cigarettes!

But don’t be fooled though, stopping smoking is not something you do by an act of will alone. Your body and your subconscious mind, if they are not on board, will cause you to fail every time.

Through hypnosis, you get your greatest asset; your subconscious mind, on your team, working with you instead of against you. Your success is relatively swift and easy! (Please note: most people require more than 1 session to stop smoking)

Sharon Sims and Dave Allan, your facilitators, are highly qualified and experienced, Clinical Hypnotherapists who are passionate about assisting you on your quit smoking journey and their aim is to have you stop smoking cigarettes and rid yourself of this pervasive habit forever!

For more information or to book your group hypnosis session, please call Dave on 0424 900 427 or email

Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking by Facing Your Psychological Addiction

When you believe you are addicted to nicotine, the thought of trying to quit smoking can be intimidating.  Aside from the physical withdrawal symptoms, there’s a psychological addiction or attachment to the habit-forming act of smoking and polluting your body with nicotine.

If you’re setting out on a mission to quit smoking, make sure you implement a plan to attack your mental habit as well as face the apparent withdrawal of nicotine physically from your body.  Medications and counseling can contribute to an easier time when you quit smoking, because it’s an emotional and social habit as well as just a habit of motion, taking your fingers to and from your mouth to inhale a cigarette.

There are many ways to get psychological help for your habit.  They need to be done in conjunction with the physical removal of nicotine, not just before or after you’ve quit smoking.

You may opt for phone counselling, medications from your doctor, acupuncture, patches, gums or other methods.  However, the most successful, effective, cost efficient and by far the simplest way to quit smoking is by using hypnotherapy.

Some people who want to quit smoking need to do nothing more than turn to family and friends in their time of need.  It’s especially helpful if there’s someone you know who has already quit smoking and will understand what you’re going through or who can recommend a qualified hypnotist.

There are also programs organized specifically for people who want to quit smoking.  Being a part of a group can be beneficial in giving you the extra support you need to break the habit once and for all.

You may discover that you prefer individual counseling over group meetings, but either way, counseling helps people quit smoking more than those who try to go it alone.  Some organizations will be intense, and others more flexible.  The more intense it is, the higher your chance of success to quit smoking.  However, once again, individual hypnotherapy sessions have proven to be the most effective method of smoking cessation.

If you feel like your cigarette habit is strong, then try to find a qualified quit smoking hypnosis specialist.  Try to find one withmany years experience to help you with you quit smoking.  Never fall for the quick and easy claims some groups make just to take your money.